Training and Education

Eligibility for Training

Mental health clinicians with advanced degrees in clinical psychology, clinical social work and medicine with residency in psychiatry are eligible to apply for psychoanalytic training. Applicants are required to have a license to practice in their discipline. Applicants who anticipate licensure within a year and have met the requirements of their graduate program may also …

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The decision of pursue training in psychoanalysis is an important and significant career choice. The admissions process provides an opportunity for the potential candidate to assess the opportunities that our Institute provides for each individual’s continued professional growth. Application forms can be downloaded from the link on this web site or obtained by contacting the …

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The Training Program

Enrollment Those applicants who are accepted are eligible to enroll in the training program as candidates.  The current tuition fee is $3,000.00 per year for each of the first five years of course work. There is a charge for matriculation after completion of all course work, which is currently $1,000.00 per year.  Tuition and matriculation …

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