Marie Rudden

    Marie Rudden M.D .is a training and supervising analyst at BPI, as well as an Assistant Clinical Professor at Weill Cornell School of Medicine. She is Chair of the Committee on Psychoanalysis in the Community for the American Psychoanalytic Association, and on the editorial board of the International Journal of Psychoanalysis.

    Dr. Rudden has published widely on depression and panic disorder, including the book she co-authored with Fredrik N Busch and Theodore Shapiro, Psychodynamic Treatment of Depression, published by American Psychiatric Publishing Inc. in 2004. She has also been researching a measure of psychological change, Reflective Functioning, in various psychotherapies for panic disorder, using the Brief RF interview that she developed with Mary Target and Barbara Milrod, and the Symptom-Specific Reflective Functioning scale that she devised. She was part of the group that received the 2008 American Psychoanalytic Association’s Research Paper Prize for ”A randomized controlled trial of panic-focused psychodynamic psychotherapy for panic disorder”, and she received the 2009 Stuart Hauser Memorial Research Poster Prize for her work on Symptom Specific RF.

    Dr. Rudden also writes and lectures about regressive group processes and about cocoon fantasies that develop regarding certain ”safe” self-states.

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