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Gail Reed, Ph.D., Chair

The Admissions Committee is a Standing Committee of the Education Committee and carries out all procedures concerning the admission of candidates for training in psychoanalysis including the formulation of procedures, the distribution and processing of applications for admission and the interviewing of potential candidates. Since psychoanalytic training is a long and highly in-depth process which requires an extensive commitment, the admissions evaluation is careful and detailed, offering the applicant ample opportunity to discuss the nature of the training with several faculty members and to explore the appropriateness of the training to his or her life and professional goals.


Admissions Committee

Gail Reed, Ph..D., Chair
Christine Burbank, MSW
Richard Gottlieb, M.D.
Rona Knight, Ph.D.
George Moraitis, M.D.
David Olds, M.D.
Ellen Rees, M.D.
Elizabeth Weinberg, M.D.
Ben Addelson (candidate member*)
* For policy and procedure discussions and votes only; and to meet any applicant that wishes to talk to a candidate